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Unique NPCs File:Artie Dolittle.png Artie Dolittle    •   File:Artifact Victim.png Artifact Victim    •   File:Aunt Doris.png Aunt Doris    •   File:Captain Hognose.png Captain Hognose    •   File:Drug Dealer.png Drug Dealer    •   File:Ignatius May.png Ignatius May    •   File:Jacov Subra.png Jacov Subra    •   Jestmaster    •   Sootman    •   File:Titus Zell.png Titus Zell    •   File:Victoria Petran.png Victoria Petran    •   File:William O'Kelly.png William O'Kelly
Event NPCs Severo Ruiz    •   Rudy    •   Todd Burdock    •   Kayleigh Friar    •   Amos Arbor    •   Officer Perez    •   Dr. James Beem    •   Dr af. Grann    •   The guy who entered the loop (random name I'm assuming)
Outpost Dwellers Civilians    •   Merchants    •   Outpost Security    •   The Watchman
Misc Coalition Submarine Crew    •   Separatist Submarine Crew    •   Bandits