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Undertow Games is an independent game studio run by Joonas Rikkonen, who goes by the online handle of "Regalis". The company is primarily based around creating independent video games with the assistance of volunteer work.


SCP-087-B and Containment Breach

The game (which I named SCP-087-B) got way more popular than I could have even imagined, and people started suggesting that I should make a more extensive game of some other SCP, with gameplay that isn't just walking down stairs. So, I started making Containment Breach.
~ Regalis[1]

Prior to creating Undertow Games, Regalis worked on several other video games. The ones which received the most attention were SCP-087-B and SCP - Containment Breach.

SCP-087-B was released on January 30th, 2012 in response to the viral success of SCP-087, a game created by YouTube user "Haversine". The game received much more praise and attention than Regalis had expected, resulting in many people suggesting that he should try creating another SCP-based game with more content to it.[1] Development on what would later become SCP - Containment Breach began around March 2012.

SCP - Containment Breach v0.1 was released on April 15th, 2012, and like SCP-087-B, Regalis was surprised by the overwhelming positivity and popularity the game had received. The positive feedback of it motivated Regalis to further expand the game over the years from what he calls "a simple jumpscarefest revolving around SCP-173 to something I'd call a full blown game."[2] This also encouraged Regalis to pursue a career in game designing, and ultimately lead to him founding Undertow Games.[3]


I’ve been turning this game concept idea over in my head for maybe year and a half, and now that SCP-CB v1.0 is out, I’ve started putting more focus on it. Some how the fans of SCP-CB might be disappointed to hear that it won’t be a horror game (although I’m confident it’ll still provide some tense moments to get your heart pounding), and even more disappointed over the fact that it will be a 2D game. I hope you will be able to enjoy it nevertheless, even if though it will be something very different from SCP-CB.
~ Regalis[4]

Regalis announced both Undertow Games and his new game project under the working title Subsurface on November 19th, 2014. He stated that the concept for the game had been floating around his head for about half a year prior and that ever since v1.0 of SCP - Containment Breach was released he had been putting more work into it.[4] The first public beta for the game was released on July 31st, 2015.

Eventually Regalis changed the name of the game from Subsurface to Barotrauma after seeing how there existed a game company called "Subsurface Games", which would potentially hinder the game showing up in google searches.[5]

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