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This template is used in the Version template to find mentions of a pagename and chosen keywords in Changelogs, and determine whether the page is up to date, or outdated.

It only finds the latest changelog (by date) that matches with the name or search parameters, and then compares it to the pageversion.

Sub Templates


Field Note Example Default
name Name to search for in the changelogs screwdriver
search Additional keywords to search for Wreck,Thalamus,Beacon,Outpost,Ruin
pageversion Version of the page. Version of the latest matching changelog will be compared to it.
  • If page version is higher or equal, it's considered UpToDate
  • If page version is lower, it's considered Outdated

Output format:

status, version 

Where version is the version of the latest changelog where the pagename or keywords were found, and status is either UpToDate, or Outdated, depending on whether that changelog is older or newer than the page version.

If the page name or keywords have not been found in any changelog, the output defaults to: