Pre-patch for Barotrauma 1.0

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come to start introducing all the new additions coming in our full release update. Over the following weeks, we will be taking a good long look at the upcoming faction overhaul and the stories of all the different factions.

After that, we’ll also be shedding a little bit of light on what the campaign ending will look like. Only a little bit, though, because it’s better in person, so we want you to experience it for yourselves when the time comes – this March. We will announce an exact date soon!

1.0 pre-patch

Before all this, however, we’ve one more early access update to make. This 1.0 pre-patch is coming next week, and it will have some bugfixes left over from last year, and more importantly, some new additions that we want to get into the game before our 1.0 release. These additions have to do with two things: status effects and how poisons work.

Reworked poisons

The poison rework aims to make the Medic a more combat-capable job and on the whole increase the effectiveness of poisons in combat. While we’ve tested it with our Unstable playtester group, we look forward to hearing the thoughts of the wider audience on this one, so we wanted to make sure to put it into the game before our big day. Do let us know how it plays!

Our primary goal was to make the poisons work properly on monsters, so that especially the medic can use them offensively on all enemies. Poisons were also redesigned and reworked to provide more interesting and varying effects and results.

  • Sufforin poisoning: Slowly makes the target fall sick. Eventually leads to death. Stronger monsters may recover.
  • Morbusine poisoning: Kills the target relatively quickly from gradual oxygen deprivation/organ damage. Stronger monsters may recover.
  • Cyanide poisoning: Doesn’t do much at first, but progresses rapidly and kills the target suddenly. Lethal even to the strongest monsters.
  • Paralysis: Advances more quickly than previously. Effective even on larger monsters, if afflicted with enough paralyzant.

In addition to these, we’ve adjusted syringe gun trajectories and some functionality that affects all poisons. Namely, poisons can now wear off, poisoning can fail if the user has low medical skill, and applying buffs or poisons will now increase a character’s medical skill. Additionally, we have introduced two new attributes for all afflictions in the .xml. You can find a more detailed breakdown in this Steam forum post.

Barotrauma cyanide poisoning example
The effects of Cyanide poisoning are hard to miss.

Changes to status effects

The status effect changes are being introduced at this time, because they are going to require some mod creators to update their existing mods that use status effects or they will not work properly. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, but releasing the status effect changes ahead of our 1.0 release should give modders time to work on their mods and have them back up in shape still before the release. We hope you will find the new status effects to your liking!

The upcoming changes were made to address inconsistencies, issues and limitations in how status effects are used. The biggest change is that the targeting logic is now slightly different. We have written a more detailed description of the changes and how modders can use the new status effects in this Steam post, so check it out to see how the rework will affect your mods and how to update them to match!

A few more things

Besides these two bigger areas we’ve worked on, there are some additional changes coming in next week’s pre-patch:

  • Transparent visors for diving suits. This was done so nicely in Udrakan’s “Transparent Diving Helmet” mod that we thought we should also make visors transparent in vanilla!
  • Fixed a multiplayer exploit: Modified clients are no longer able to pick up unpickable items.
  • Some submarine upgrades will now cost materials/items in addition to money. This should add some spice to upgrading your subs!
  • Made ragdoll syncing more robust: reduces cases of teleportation/desync when manually ragdolling a character in multiplayer. Ragdolling characters will now also fall through platforms.
  • Better support for playing multiplayer campaign without a host or someone with campaign management permissions on the server. This should improve the experience for campaign server communities and anyone who would like to run a campaign server without having to be present all the time.
Barotrauma transparent visor example
Transparent visors give the monsters of Europa a better look at your face before consuming it.

One final important note: As we move out of early access, Barotrauma’s price will be adjusted. While this has no impact on anyone who already owns the game, we want to alert anyone who is still thinking about buying it to this coming change. Extra importantly, we need to make the price change effective on February 10, some weeks before our 1.0 release. We will also return to more moderate discount percentages for some time after our release.

In other words, the next two weeks will be the last time to get Barotrauma at its early access price – and later today, we will enter our final discount period before the price increase. This will be our deepest discount to date. If you have friends who have been waiting to jump on board, please give them a nudge!

That’s all this time. Stay tuned for the pre-patch next week and release sneak peeks after that!

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