Preview: Summer patch

Hello everyone!

Our second post-1.0 patch is coming next week, with more improvements and fixes as well as some entirely new additions. The patch is now playable in the Unstable test version, available to everyone who owns Barotrauma on Steam, so you can already see all the upcoming changes for yourself. Or read on below to find out what’s coming!

Summer Patch 2023

The first, immediately noticeable change in the patch is the reworked line-of-sight effect – the visual effect which restricts visibility to only that area which your character would really see, allowing for that all-important enclosed feeling even in a 2D game. The new LOS effect should look smoother overall, especially around intersecting walls. To get a better idea of what exactly has changed, take a look at this comparison screenshot: 

Barotrauma line of sight rework comparison
The new LOS will look a lot smoother overall. The changes are especially noticeable in the corners and upper area of this comparison picture.

A completely new addition in this patch are the Electrician’s goggles item. The goggles allow you to see the power and signals moving through the wires in your sub. While wearing the goggles, you can also see when a connection panel sends or receives something, signal values or the amount of power, for example. This item should make the wiring system more approachable to new players interested in it, and help experienced wiring wizards create even more complex designs.

See the Electrician’s goggles in action in this tweet we posted a little while ago:

Optimizations and improvements

We have also been hard at work investigating performance issues. This upcoming patch will introduce multiple optimizations which should improve performance, especially in late-game areas where the many items on board your sub may result in performance loss. 

In addition to the new LOS effect, the goggles and the optimizations, the patch also includes lots of bugfixes and other improvements. Here are some top picks:

  • Upgrades that require materials can be purchased with materials from the sub instead of having to carry the materials on you.
  • Added category buttons to the fabricator interface to make it easier to find items.
  • Oxygenite tanks can now be recycled.
  • Shutting down the reactor doesn’t automatically turn off automatic control.
  • Made clown and husk events and missions more common.
  • Fixed anaparalyzant not reducing paralysis.
  • Fixed “hash mismatch” errors when publishing an update to a mod after you’ve given it a different name in the Steam Workshop in the language your Steam UI is set to. 
  • Even more fixes to bot AI, such as:
    • Improved how the bots navigate on ladders and fixed a number of edge cases.
    • Improvements to medic bot AI: they should now be better at determining which injuries are minor enough to ignore, making them waste less medicine.
    • Fixed multiple pathing issues, for example bots attempting to idle in the Remora and Kastrull drone.
    • Fixed bots not always being able to open the doors in beacons or wrecks while attempting to return back to the main sub.
    • Fixed bots operating turrets shooting at handcuffed enemies.
Barotrauma fabricator categories example
The fabricator is getting handy new category buttons to make the interface more clear and save you from having to scroll a long list of items.

Coming next week

The Summer patch is planned for release next week, Honkmother willing. Give it a test in the Unstable now and stay tuned for the public release soon!


  • June 9, 2023
    Nathan Ryan Wetter

    I would really enjoy when there would be an option in the menu. Where u can choose to be a Monster instead of a Crewmate for some multiplayer fun. Because i know u can use commands to do it but if it would be a diffrent gamecharacter that comes with its own stats like lets say the current issue is that u cant see in the dark and dont know where the submarine is currently. meaning we could give the monster as a character model a vision and kind of a sense to make it easy for the player to find the Submarine where ur friends are on, and ur swimming around as a creature. thats just a neat idea of mine and i think alot of ppl would probably enjoy the idea too. i il leave it to you guys and i would be very happy for a quick respand ((per email)when time) thanks for ur time and support for the amazing game ; )

  • June 10, 2023

    Have you fixed the “error in client read. owned submarine index was out of bounds” error with this patch? We’ve been unable to play for over a month now, inspite of full reinstall, clearing local files, etc. No response yet or fix in spite of multiple posts various places from several people on this error.

    • June 12, 2023

      Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience and long wait. Unfortunately we don’t have a fix prepared for this issue, because while we are aware of it, we’ve not been able to reproduce and diagnose it. You can keep tabs on the issue in our issure tracker at , and if you have any further information you can give about the problem, please comment on the ticket and our programmers will be sure to check it.

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