Back to work! Minor update preview

Hello everyone, good to see you again!

We’re now all back from our summer holidays and getting ready to release a bugfix patch / minor update – we’re sorry we were not able to hotfix the biggest problems out of the New Frontiers update sooner, but you’ll get those fixes in this update, along with a couple of new things that we’re hoping you’ll have fun with!

The things that the update is meant to fix include but are not limited to

  • Bots suffocating in diving suits
  • Hired bots, purchased upgrades and subs disappearing after dying or quitting
  • A bunch of other bot-related issues and networking errors (“index out of bounds”, “missing entity”).

Most of the upcoming fixes are now playable in the Unstable test version. The what, now? See more here and join our Discord to chat about it.

We’re still going to add some more things to the test version and then send the update over to our publisher for formal quality assurance, and you should expect to see it live on Steam before the end of the month.

Since it’s only been a few days since the whole team returned to their desks, there isn’t a lot of news to share yet…but here’s something: one more big content update, featuring ballast flora and new environments, to name the key ingredients, is still planned for later this year. It will probably be sometime in November–December, and we’ll tell you more about it closer to the date.

Our guides have moved

In other news, we’ve finished moving all our official Steam Workshop content – the official guides and the Halloween mod – under the official studio account. As such, they all have new URLs now. A bit inconvenient, yes, but better late than never! Here are links to all the newly published guides and the mod:

Sub editor guide

Character editor guide

Modding reference

Karma guide

Halloween mod: Trick or Trauma

Thank you!

The weeks surrounding the release of the New Frontiers update were some of the busiest times we’ve seen during Barotrauma’s development, but we’re happy to say we made it, and even happier to see the amazing support from all of you throughout the summer. The reactions on community posts, the chat on our Steam forums, Discord and subreddit, people participating in the wreck designing competition or taking a stab at the ARG, and most importantly, people playing Barotrauma…we’re blown away by how much life there seems to be on Europa. It’s good to be back at work!


  • September 25, 2020
    Rainer Unsinn

    damn i wish this picture would have been in the bonus content of the supporter pack :/

    • September 28, 2020

      Hi! If you mean the skelly-in-diving-suit header image of the blog post, also our capsule art on Steam, it’s newer than the last time we updated the supporter pack and thus not included. However, that’s an excellent point and I’ll ask our artists if we could include it in the next supporter pack update 🙂

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