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A Wreck is a sunken, deteriorated version of a Submarine or Shuttle. They contain a wealth of material loot, and often have Creatures lurking inside.
The logbooks they contain are the targets of Wreck Salvage missions.


Wrecks can spawn randomly on the sea floor, on any difficulty or level.
They consist of parts of submarines or shuttles, including their crewmembers and loot.

Most doors and hatches on Wrecks can be opened with the use of ID Cards found on the Wreck.
However, some are completely inoperable and require the use of a Plasma Cutter or Crowbar to open.
Some secure cabinets may require ID cards to open as well.

Sometimes, a Wreck can be infected by Thalami - A sentient colony of Ballast Flora, that has been left to sit on the sea floor for a long time.
Thalami can take control of a ship's turrets to shoot submarines and aproaching crewmembers, which makes them extremely dangerous to unsuspecting players.

To eliminate the threat completely, the Thalamus brain on board the wreck must be destroyed, but beware the defensive measures it might unleash once you enter it.

List of Wrecks

Wrecked Hemulen

Hemulen Wrecked.png
The wreck can be entered from the aft or upper aft, using the broken airlock or the hull breach in the Electrical room.
All doors require no special ID to access, although every hatch is rusted shut and can only be opened with plasma cutters or crowbars.
Enemies are able to spawn in every room except for the Airlock, Engine room and Aft Ballast Tank.
Corpses can spawn in the Aft Ballast Tank, Periscope room and Command room.
There are 3 supplies cabinets, 1 large steel cabinet, 2 diving suit lockers and 2 oxygen tank shelves to obtain loot from.


Hemulen Wrecked Thalamus.png
The previously open hull breach is now blocked by a thalamus wall, however the airlock is still functional.
A Fleshgun has nested itself on top of the upper docking port, and is connected to an Ammo Sack in the room below.
Additionally, a Cell Spawn Organ has manifested itself in the shuttle's Electrical room.
The Brain can only spawn in the shuttle's Periscope room.
An extra Organ spawns in the Aft Ballast Tank.

Wrecked Dugong

Dugong Wrecked.png


Dugong Wrecked Thalamus.png

Wrecked Berilia

Berilia Wrecked.png


Berilia Wrecked Thalamus.png

Wrecked Kastrull

Kastrull Wrecked.png


Kastrull Wrecked Thalamus.png

Wreck 1



Wreck1 Thalamus.png

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