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Example table for Once Upon a Time on Europa:

Talent Tree Description
Talent Once Upon a Time on Europa.png
Once Upon a Time on Europa
ID: handsomestranger
Captain Job Icon.pngCaptain
Tier 1
Unlock recipe: Revolver Round.
Your crew's reputation gains are improved by 20%.
Whenever you gain Helm skill, also gain Weapons skill.
As long as your Helm skill is 100 or higher, they gain twice as much Weapons skill.

Parameter Required Description
icon Checkmark False.png The name of the talent icon's file. Uses Talent [name] if not defined.
name Checkmark True.png The name of the talent.
identifier Checkmark False.png The talent's unique identifier (found in XML).
job Checkmark True.png The talent's associated job.
tree Checkmark True.png The talent's associated tree.
tier Checkmark True.png The talent's tier. 1 (top) - 4 (bottom).
description Checkmark True.png The talent's in-game description.
sort Checkmark True.pngCheckmark False.png Displays the talent's entry in Template:Talents as half of a column instead of a full column if defined.

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