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Field Description Expected Example Default
type The mission's type. Salvage, Monster, Cargo, Beacon, Nest, Mining, Abandoned outpost, Escort, Pirate, Scan, Alien ruins, Combat
name The name of the mission. Terminate a Swarm {{PAGENAME}}
icon The mission's icon. File Mission {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}.png
iconsize The size of the mission's icon. ##, x##, ##x## x64 x128
description The mission's description.
targets The objective of the mission. 1 - 4 [[Crawlers]]
difficulty The difficulty of the mission. 1 - 4 1
rewards The payout of the mission. 1,000 Marks
locations A list of valid passageways. Research → Any Any → Any
identifier The mission's identifier. killcrawlers1
tags The mission's tags.

Salvage - Salvaging an artifact

Researchers of [location1] have picked up an infrasonic signal highly similar to those emitted by alien artifacts previously discovered on Europa. Investigate the signal and retrieve the potential artifact.
Mission Details
Difficulty 3
Valid Locations/Passageways City, Outpost → Research, None, Lair
Research → Any
Target(s) 1 Artifact
Reward(s) 3,500 Marks
10 Outpost Reputation
5 Europa Coalition Reputation
Identifier salvageartifactruins
Tags salvage, salvageartifact

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