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I have checked some stats, there is no Orca2 reactor and it has hided super power 120 meltdown and 20 fire delay, R-29 have same over stats, Kastrull also has a little graded stats (90 meltdown; 15 fire), while Remora, that should be reliable deep diver has lowered stats (20 meltdown; 8 fire), all of them are vanilla submarines. So I would like to know should am I add note about this difference of submarines to wiki and who responsible for balance in game, to create nice, but balanced submarine

I'm not sure what you mean by "there is no Orca 2 reactor" but I do like your idea to add the meltdown delay and fire delay to each submarine's page as it is useful information that players who are not familiar with the sub editor may not easily find.
I have updated the submarine infobox template to include meltdowndelay and firedelay parameters in the reactor section and added them for the Humpback so you can see an example of them in use if you would like to add this information to the other submarine pages. I hope that helps!
Terragen (talk) 18:22, 12 February 2022 (CET)
It was critical typo. I mean op (not "no") op = over powered, cause numbers of meltdown was too big in some subs, but in last update devs fixed previous and added one more op reactor to Barsuk.
Big thanks for updating templates, I have already checked and update reactors info.

Mathematics Section

May I ask where the depicted equations were found? As far as I'm aware most of them are currently wrong and are a bit different. I will provide further details in the follwong days, while on the meanwhile knowing the source of the current ones would be nice.