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Status Effects are aliments which characters can receive through varied means.


The Bleeding status effect causes a character to suffer blood loss, which will decrease their health over a period of time. The rate at which the character looses health is dependent on the severity of the bleeding.

Bleeding can be alleviated using Bandages and Fibrinozine, but the amount of bleeding damage itself will diminish over time.


The Stun status effect will hinder a character's movement, causing the player to lose control of themselves for a short amount of time.

A stunned player can still use their inventory and objects within reach (such as buttons) whilst incapacitated however, which can be useful to equip diving suits/masks if they become submerged while stunned. Most attacks cause stunning, but notably the Stun Baton is most effective for this purpose.

It should be noted that a Stun Baton with an ordinary Battery Cell causes a stun effect that lasts for fifteen seconds. One equipped with a Fulgurium Battery Cell, however, stuns for thirty seconds[1], which is more than enough time to restrain an unruly crewmember, dispatch a hostile Creature, or escape from a particularly dangerous creature with the aid of an Underwater Scooter.