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4 August 2021

     22:09  Enabling Mods on a Dedicated Server‎‎ 5 changes history -297 [Jlobblet‎ (5×)]
22:09 (cur | prev) 0 Jlobblet talk contribs I cannot remember the game's current version number
22:08 (cur | prev) +22 Jlobblet talk contribs Add version tag
22:08 (cur | prev) +64 Jlobblet talk contribs Use monowidth font for files and directories.
21:41 (cur | prev) -375 Jlobblet talk contribs Further update guide
21:30 (cur | prev) -8 Jlobblet talk contribs Update instructions for enabling mods on servers.
 m   22:05  Content Packages/Creation‎‎ 2 changes history +14 [Jlobblet‎ (2×)]
22:05 (cur | prev) +1 Jlobblet talk contribs Mark article as very very out of date
22:04 (cur | prev) +13 Jlobblet talk contribs Mark article as out of date. Tag: Visual edit: Switched
 m   21:52  Hosting a Dedicated Server diffhist +144 Jlobblet talk contribs SteamCMD Barotrauma location

3 August 2021

 m   11:18  Captain's Uniforms diffhist +24 Drlloyd5 talk contribs Updated gallery for the new crew images.
     06:12  Grenade Launcher diffhist +55 JP3885 talk contribs According to xml's 40mm grenades do almost as much damage to ballast flora as frags. Tag: Visual edit
     06:11  Incendium Grenade diffhist +37 JP3885 talk contribs xmls state this grenade does damage to ballast flora. Tag: Visual edit
     06:10  Frag Grenade‎‎ 3 changes history +66 [JP3885‎ (3×)]
06:10 (cur | prev) +42 JP3885 talk contribs Noted that frags can deal damage to ballast flora as in the xml's it has the ballastfloradamage property. Tag: Visual edit
06:06 (cur | prev) +23 JP3885 talk contribs Updated structure damage to 10 to match the xml, rewrote description to specify that the grenade does high damage to creatures but almost no damage to structures. Tag: Visual edit
05:55 (cur | prev) +1 JP3885 talk contribs →‎Damage Values

2 August 2021

 m   22:39  Railgun diffhist -264 JP3885 talk contribs →‎Ammunition: Added that Canister shells can be recycled with lead. Tag: Visual edit

31 July 2021

 m   09:54  Missions‎‎ 2 changes history -2,224 [Drlloyd5‎ (2×)]
09:54 (cur | prev) 0 Drlloyd5 talk contribs Increased imagewidth on the wreck salvage template to 480
09:51 (cur | prev) -2,224 Drlloyd5 talk contribs removed "read more" sections and split pirate mission templates into the 3 different subs

30 July 2021

 m   22:45  Skills‎‎ 2 changes history -403 [Rexxer‎ (2×)]
22:45 (cur | prev) -54 Rexxer talk contribs →‎Mechanics: i apologize, i fixed a sentence i just added in Tag: Visual edit
22:44 (cur | prev) -349 Rexxer talk contribs →‎Mechanics: added (namely repairing objects under the mechanical class) to explaing that you need skill to repair mech. objects Tag: Visual edit
 m   11:43  SMG diffhist 0 Cr1t1cal talk contribs Checked the info/ up-to date Tag: Visual edit

29 July 2021

     20:31  Watcher diffhist +221 Cliffman499 talk contribs Added another way to combat a watcher. Tag: Visual edit