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General Information



21,000 mk

Recommended Crew

8 - 12

Recommended Experience


Cargo Capacity

12 Crates

Dimensions: 45 x 11 m

Hull Volume: 4,253,393

Max Horizontal Speed

20 km/h

Max Descent Speed

8 km/h


2 (+1 in drone)





Pulse Lasers


Electrical Discharge Coils


Depth Charge Tubes


Hardpoints (Free)


Fuel Consumption Rate


Max Power Output

5,000 kW

Meltdown Delay


Fire Delay


The Kastrull is a dependable attack sub class bringing plenty of firepower to any fight, and although it's not very nimble, it does sport a drone gunship as standard. Keep in mind that with its experimental open ballast tanks, low tolerance to flooding and numerous crew stations, a large, experienced crew will get the most out of this sub.
~ In-game description

The Kastrull is an Attack class submarine.

Notable Features

The Kastrull sports a Drone with a Coilgun. It has a Cargo Capacity of 12 crates, which is higher than all other submarines of Attack and Scout classes. It also wields an impressive barrage, up to 8 weapons including the one in the drone, 5 of which can be manned by gunners. The only constant blindspot is the rear. This makes it the most heavily armed gunship in the seas of Europa.

The Kastrull's reactor consumes fuel 50% faster than normal, and its maximum output is only 5,000kw. It's maximum maneuvering load is approximately 4 600kw, meaning it requires most of the reactor output to move full speed. It is also infamous for its open, internal ballast tanks.

The medical bay features both a Medical Fabricator and a Toxin Cabinet.


1st level, the bridge and upper airlock. The Kastrull's command room is placed at the top right corner of the Kastrull, and it is well equipped. There is a huge window so the captain can see where the sub is going. While this is a structural weakpoint, it is defended by a Discharge Coil, operated by a button on the right side of the Nav Terminal. The room has has buttons to shutdown the Nuclear Reactor, to launch a Decoy from the bottom rear of the ship, and a button to toggle the Batteries. One Status Monitor is linked to the Navigation Terminal, the room also contains alarms that trigger on meltdown, floods and fires, and a single supply cabinet. There is one door that leads to the Drone Control Room, which controls the drone's navigation and weapon. The storage room is also on the top level, with 3 shelves for crates.

The 2nd level Central access passage. From here you get acces to the central parts of the ship, including the drone. Also on the level is the engine room, reached through the Junction Box area. This junction box area is the notorious reason why any Kastrull captain needs a sizeable crew: There is a long way through it from the fore workstations of captain and gunner to the aft workstations of engineering, and any hull breaches in this area may fill the entire mid section with water and drown the junction boxes in the process.

The 3rd level: At the bottom of the Junction Box area is the oxygen generator, Fabricator and Deconstructor as well as a large steel cabinet. This place will flood if the above mentioned junction box is flooded, and so having a nearby Portable Pump or generally upgrading pumps in the Shipyard may be wise. At the aft is the reactor room, further beyond that is the Battery Array and Supercapacitors.

The 4th level: is another airlock access room with 5 suits, a small steel cabinet and the airlock itself.

Wi-Fi Channels

501 - Toggle Drone Docking Hatch
502 - Drone Ballast Target Level
503 - Drone Engine Force
504 - Drone Turret Trigger
505 - Drone Turret Position
506 - Drone Transducer Data
508 - Average Drone Battery Charge %


A good reason that a Captain would want a Kastrull is the gun drone that rests underneath the submarine. It can be controlled from the Drone Control next to the Bridge and can function as a great away-team backup since it wields a single Coilgun.

Kastrull Drone.png


  • In swedish, a kastrull is translated as saucepan or casserole. Considering the lid-less ballasts, the name is fitting. The Kastrull ballast section is a big heavy casserole without a lid.


  • Made ballast pumps in Kastrull's drone indestructible (because they're impossible to access without breaking the walls/floors).
  • (Thunder Under The Ice) Fixed gaps sometimes getting linked incorrectly to the hulls between docking hatches, preventing water from flowing down from the lower hull in mirrored subs. Happened in mirrored Kastrull for example.
  • Fixed certain submarines spawning with a non-neutral ballast level (Kastrull seems to have been the only affected vanilla submarine). Happened because the game would determine the neutral ballast level from the first nav terminal it finds in the sub, without checking whether that terminal controls a shuttle or the sub itself.
  • (Embrace the Abyss) Fixed Kastrull's drone airlock not flooding correctly.
  • (Cave Update) Fixed Kastrull drone flooding when undocking using the button next to the hatch.
  • (Uncharted Depths) Added more waypoints around the drone so that bots know how to get around it when it's docked to the main sub. Fixed the airlock waypoints not being linked to the doors, causing the bots not being able to operate them.
  • (Halloween 2020: Creepy Creature Feature) Fixed the airlock waypoints not being linked to the doors, causing the bots not being able to operate them.
  • Fixed airlock warning light in Kastrull not turning off when the airlock door is closed. Fixed hull above drone not being connected to the rest of the hulls, preventing oxygen from flowing between the drone and the sub when docked.
  • (Downtime Update) Fixed bots insisting on equipping the diving suit before accessing Kastrull's drone.
  • (Moloch-sized Update) Fixes to waypoints in Kastrull, Berilia and Remora.
  • (Silky Smooth) Fixed flooding when the drone undocks. Fixed ballast pumps deteriorating in drone despite being unreachable by the players.
  • Waypoint fixes. Fixed flooding when the drone is undocked. Fixed ballast pumps in drone being off by default.
  • Fixed Kastrull's drone not being docked to the sub by default.
  • (Beasts Within) Introduced.
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