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Energy Drink

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Energy Drink

Mantis Energy keeps you skittering from dawn till dusk!
Medical Usage
 Hyperactivity (100)*
 Nausea (50)* (25% chance)
Consumption Time 3.3s of usage
Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No
Identifier energydrink
Categories MedicalMaterial
Tags smallitem, chem, medical

The Energy Drink is a stimulant item that can be purchased at Vending Machines.


The Energy Drink can be drunk by holding the Right Mouse right mouse button, which will consume it in 3.3 seconds. Once fully consumed the effects apply instantly.

It can also be used via the health GUI, on oneself or another character. It can also be swung via Left Mouse left click, while holding the Right Mouse right mouse button – hitting another character will administer the energy drink. When used either of these ways, it is consumed instantly.

Up to 10 can be bought from Vending Machines for 40 marks each.

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