December greetings

From the studio…

Hello everyone! Over the last two weeks, we’ve continued work on the new UI. In continuation with the last blog’s theme, here’s one more WIP mockup of a new interface for the next major update:

Before the next update, we’ve still got a fix coming for the previous one. You can see what that will contain in our Trello, as always. We’re hopeful the fix is now nearing release!

There are also other things in the works. With the next update, it will be possible to install and load in most Workshop mods without restarting the game. We’ve also modified the content package settings menu to allow you to change the load order; this will allow you to pick which mods will take priority when several override the same content.

We’ve got a couple of new shuttles coming up too, planned for that same update:

We’ve now heard for the first time that Barotrauma’s AI is getting too smart! We’re really happy to hear that, even if we don’t quite agree yet. In other words, we’re going to keep working on it, and we look forward to other singleplayer improvements as well that we can get busy with along with the campaign overhaul.

This week we had a short workshop about the campaign, so it’s coming, and (most likely) the first thing we’re going to start working on are the explorable outposts. Here’s a teaser, straight from the design doc:

Barotrauma explorable outpost concept
We don’t like to reinvent the wheel here! The explorable outposts will be procedurally generated from rooms built with our Submarine Editor.

…and from our players

Ever since the Steam Awards nomination period started, we’ve been treated to reviews and mentions that really made our day time and again. Again, thank you so much for your support – the 97% positive recent reviews on Steam, the awards we got from our local gamedev community and curator reviews like the one here all make it feel like Christmas came early!

As always, we try to keep an eye out for new player-made content, and just recently we’ve spotted some…interesting things. Like these:

Last but not least, we’ve come across some good news for those who are looking to get into sub building: a seriously impressive time lapse video and a tutorial video playlist. Find them through the tweets below.


We had a play session with a few of our players a while back, and here’s a video excerpt of it. Thanks again everyone who participated (credits in the video description on YouTube), we had fun!

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