Frequently Asked Questions

Bug reports can be submitted in the GitHub bug report discussions.

Sometimes! The Steam development discussions and the #baro-critique-and-ideas channel of our Discord are good places to discuss them in.

Yes, it is! Barotrauma has built-in modding tools such as the Submarine Editor and Character Editor, and it is fully integrated with the Steam Workshop, so installing mods other players have made is simple.

In addition to this, Barotrauma’s source code is public in the GitHub repository, which allows for considerable freedom in creating mods. However, modders should note that Barotrauma’s End User License Agreement does not allow distributing standalone versions of the game, meaning that you are allowed to use the source code to create mods and share the modded files with players, but not to share the entire game in a way that would allow players to play it without purchasing it on Steam.

If you are looking to get started with modding, check out the semi-automatically generated Barotrauma Modding guide. We update the doc as we have time, and you are encouraged to participate in updating the document as well. You can also ask questions about modding in the #baro-modding channel on Discord, or the Workshop Discussions forum on Steam.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do. The servers are not hosted by us, so you should reach out to the owner of the server instead. Server owners may also want to consider giving moderator/admin rights to some trusted players on the server and to enable vote kicking.

Instructions on hosting servers can be found in this Steam Discussions thread.

Great to hear you like us enough to go to all that trouble, but unfortunately we’re not able to use player-made translations in the game. We need to be able to verify and modify all texts, both now and in the future when Barotrauma is developed further, so player-made texts would still need to go through the formal process. As such, our publisher always handles the entire localization process. What you can do, however, is publish your translation as a mod, and please give feedback if you spot mistakes in the localized texts!

You can use the #baro-crewmates channel on our Discord, or the Recruiting Crewmates Steam discussions forum or on the Barotrauma Reddit. Some well-known player-owned servers are also listed in the #baro-featured-english and #baro-featured-international channels on Discord.

Check our Trello board for our development roadmap and known issues.

The next game version may already be playable in the Unstable test version if you want to see for yourself; check the #baro-unstable Discord channel or the Readme for Unstable test version on Steam for more information!

Barotrauma’s publisher Daedalic Entertainment handles all key requests, so we can’t give you any directly. If you have a channel with a substantial following, though, you can definitely request keys – Keymailer is the best route, and you can also email [email protected] if you have any questions.