Reporting form

You can use this form to submit issue reports for Barotrauma: bug or crash reports. For questions, more creative ideas or thoughts about the game’s lore, we’d ask that you post on Discord or write a forum post on Steam instead to help us keep the number of tickets here manageable.

Please try to describe your issue in detail. It can be very difficult to fix bugs if we don’t know how to make them occur, so please fill out all the fields below: 

    This will be shown on your ticket for identification, so make it smart!

    What is your report about?

    A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

    If possible, describe how the developers can get the bug to happen (for example, 'the game crashes when I try to put handcuffs on a Moloch'). It is often extremely hard to fix a bug if we don't know how to reproduce it.

    Which version of the game did the bug happen in? You can see the version number at the bottom left corner of the main menu.

    For videos you can use services like Streamable or Youtube, and link them in either of the text areas.