Typhon 2

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Last updated for version v0.14.9.1
The current game version is v0.17.15.0
NOTE: TUTI update, weapons and sprite


Typhon 2
Typhon 2.png
General Information



20,000 mk

Recommended Crew

4 - 9

Recommended Experience


Cargo Capacity

8 Crates

Dimensions: 40 x 14 m

Hull Volume: 4,044,288

Max Horizontal Speed

18 km/h

Max Descent Speed

12 km/h







Pulse Lasers


Electrical Discharge Coils


Depth Charge Tubes


Hardpoints (Free)


Fuel Consumption Rate


Max Power Output

5,000 kW

Meltdown Delay


Fire Delay


Typhon 2 is an overhauled version of the venerable Typhon class of sub. Serving as a heavy gunship, the Typhon 2 class subs remain slow and ugly, but with the benefits of better survivability for their crews.
~ In-game description

The Typhon 2 is an Attack class submarine.

Notable Features

The Typhon 2 comes with a lot of extra utility from the original through a complete retrofitting with many more features. The Typhon 2 has lost 1 depth charge, compared to the Typhon, otherwise armament is the same. The Typhon 2 has a 10m radius Electrical Discharge Coil, now at the top of the submarine, where it covers a blindspot better than the bottom placement on the Typhon. It comes with more systems and alarms on the bridge for fires, floods, airlock status.

The Typhon 2 Junction Boxes

A notable design issue with the extra features is the Typhon 2's junction boxes. While they have been moved to a safer location that wont flood as often, and they have been nicely annotated with displays, the extra utility does have a downside. The Typhon's capacity for absorbing overvoltage is lost, and this may cause fires. Good steering can minimize overvoltage, and you can upgrade them so they wont catch fire as often, but either how attention to the point is crucial.


A few walls have been torn down making the T2 a bit easier to learn to find your way around - with a few exceptions, such as getting from bridge to gunnery. The hull is the same as the Typhon. so external access is the same, so you can conveniently access the Typhon 2 from both top and bottom. A lot more care has been given to the bottom access though, meaning it has more suits and a large locker for all your away teams needs. It does mean that it is a little harder to get rid of water in that area as there is now something else than ballasts in the bottom area of the ship, and water draining into that area is harder to get rid of with the small pumps. The bridge has been moved from one of the original command section and 2 levels down. Reactor has been moved to the bottom rear of the submarine meaning Sides of the hull have huge windows. There are a few spots on the Typhons engineering and armory that are hard to repair from the inside. This has been made possible on the retrofitted Typhon 2.


  • The Typhon 2 is a variant of the Typhon, sharing the same exterior shell placements.


  • Fixed Typhon 2's railgun not being connected to the loader.
  • Modified Typhon 2's coilgun rotation limits a bit so it isn't possible to hit the walls when firing at enemies near the airlock.
  • (Silky Smooth) Introduced.
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