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| imagewidth = 90
| imagewidth = 90
| caption = ''Outputs a user-submitted string.''
| caption = ''Outputs a user-submitted string.''
| category = Electrical
| category = Installations

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Text Display
Text Display.png

Outputs a user-submitted string.

Category Installations


The Text Display is an electrical component used to show text or numbers.

It is most commonly used to label components controls or show directions on stations.

The longest text a display can show is about 6-8 characters before the screen starts scrolling. This is based on the width of the number, character or symbol.

Static text

When attached to a submarine manually you can't set the text on the display. A memory component or a terminal.

In the submarine editor you can freely set the text being shown.

Control panel

Hover over pins to see their descriptions

Connection Panel for Text Display
Hover over pins to see their descriptions.
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Displays text to the screen.
Sets the background color
Sets the text color
Wiring Components