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(Limit the default height to 30px (same as width), so that the images that are more tall than wide (e.g. Acid Grenade) don't completly blow up the line)
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{{doc}}<includeonly><onlyinclude><span style="white-space: nowrap">[[File:{{#switch:{{lc:{{{3|}}}}}|icon={{{1}}}_icon.png|sprite={{{1}}}_sprite|talent=Talent_{{{1}}}.png|affliction=Affliction_{{{1}}}.png|talentaffliction=Talent_Affliction_{{{1}}}.png|geneticaffliction=Genetic_Affliction_{{{1}}}.png|faction=Faction_{{{1}}}.png|achievement=Achievement_{{{1}}}.jpg|#default={{{3|{{{1}}}}}}.png}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{2}}}|30x30}}px|link={{{4|{{{1}}}}}}]]{{#if:{{{a|}}}|'''{{formatnum:{{{a}}}}}'''}} [[{{{4|{{{1}}}}}}|{{ucfirst:{{{1}}}}}]]{{{s|}}}</span></onlyinclude></includeonly>
<includeonly><span style=white-space:nowrap>[[File:{{#ifeq:{{{3|}}}|icon|{{{1}}}_icon|{{{3|{{{1}}}}}}}}.png|{{#if:{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}|30}}px|link={{{4|{{{1}}}}}}]] [[{{{4|{{{1|}}}}}}|{{ucfirst:{{{1}}}}}]]{{{s|}}}</span></includeonly>

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This template is used for links in some other templates, such as the universal nav. It can also be used in articles. It creates a link and places an appropriate image to the left of the link.


{{Hyperlink|<Name>|<Image size override>|<Image name override>|<Link override>|s=<Suffix>}}
  • By default the image and link will be the same as the name
  • Default image size is 30x30(px). First number is the width, second is the height, you are free to omit either.
  • Adding "s=s" allows the s to be included in the link, instead of the regular (beige) color being used if it was added after the template's closing braces
  • The suffix parameter (s=...) can be placed in any position since it is a named parameter


{{Hyperlink|Tiger Thresher}}
gives: Tiger Thresher
{{Hyperlink|Diving Mask|50}}
gives: Diving Mask
gives: Jumpsuit
gives: Revolvers ( as opposed to Revolvers )
{{Hyperlink|Crawler|s=s|100|Husked Crawler}}
gives: Crawlers
{{Hyperlink|Crawler|s=s|x40|Husked Crawler}}
gives: Crawlers (specifying the height of the image this time, rather than the width)