Submarine Weapons

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Disambig.png This article is about submarine weapons. For handheld weapons, see Personal Weapons.

Submarine Weapons are offensive Installations.


Turrets are ranged submarine weapons that fire ammunition.

Turret Stats Ammunition Stats Notes
Turret Loader Firerate Ammunition Afflictions Stun Stun Time Structure Damage Penetration Explosive?
Coilgun.png Coilgun Coilgun Loader.png Coilgun Loader 4 200 Coilgun Ammunition Box.png Coilgun Ammunition Box 15Lacerations 1Bleeding - 10 0.25 No
75 Exploding Ammunition Box.png Exploding Ammunition Box 8Lacerations 1Bleeding 40*Burn - 10+5* - Yes
149 Piercing Ammunition Box.png Piercing Ammunition Box 8Lacerations 1.5Bleeding - 10 0.8 No
200 Physicorium Ammunition Box.png Physicorium Ammunition Box 28Lacerations 1Bleeding 2* 10 0.25 No
Railgun.png Railgun Railgun Loader.png Railgun Loader 0.2 5 Railgun Shell.png Railgun Shells 250Lacerations 50Bleeding 15 55 0.6 Yes Retrievable
Can contain 1 small item that is used upon impact.
5 Physicorium Shell.png Physicorium Shells 800Lacerations 50Bleeding 15 200 0.6 Yes Retrievable
Can contain 1 small item that is used upon impact.
5 Nuclear Shell.png Nuclear Shells 250Lacerations 50Bleeding 300*Burn 100*Radiation Sickness 15+20* 75+1000* 0.6 Yes Explosion emits EMP wave with 2.5 strength
Explosion causes sonar interference
Can contain 1 small item that is used upon impact.
5 Canister Shell icon.png Canister Shells 70*11Gunshot Wound 3*11Bleeding 2*11 15*11 0.2 No Fires 11 pellets
Chaingun.png Chaingun Chaingun Loader.png Chaingun Loader 10 149 Chaingun Ammunition Box.png Chaingun Ammunition Box 16Gunshot Wound 4Bleeding - 12 0.35 No Has windup before firing. Inaccurate.
149 Physicorium Chaingun Ammunition Box.png Physicorium Chaingun Ammunition Box 24Gunshot Wound 4Bleeding 2* 18 0.35 No Has windup before firing. Inaccurate
Pulse Laser.png Pulse Laser Pulse Laser Loader.png Pulse Laser Loader 4 44 Pulse Laser Fuel Box.png Pulse Laser Fuel Box 40*Burn 0.4 25 1 No Has windup before firing. Hitscan beam.
28 Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Box.png Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Box 33*3*Burn 0.2*3 15*3 1 No Has windup before firing. Hitscan beam.
Fires 3 lasers in a spread.
Turret Hardpoint.png Turret Hardpoint Loader Base.png Loader Base N/A N/A N/A - - - - Can be replaced by other turrets.

Other Weapons

This category includes other offensive installations such as the Depth Charge Tube and Electrical Discharge Coil.