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Poison is a type of affliction. Such afflictions usually cause delayed death, if not treated with an antidote. Most of these poisons are only caused by their corresponding syringe item; there are very few creatures that can inflict poisons on player characters.


In Barotrauma's code, these afflictions are defined as type "poison". This allows medicines like Stabilozine to affect all types at once. Note that some afflictions like Paralysis function similarly to the poisons of this type, however are not classified as such and so are not treated with cure-alls like Stabilozine.


Poison Vulnerability & Dosages

Most poison syringes deal 20 base affliction strength to creatures, and 11 to humans when the medical skill check is passed. While it is not always necessary to do so, more doses may be applied to a creature to speed up the poison process.

Poisons may require multiple syringes to take effect, and this required dosage depends on the creature - each creature has its own "poison vulnerability", which affects how much affliction strength a single dose of poison will do. A vulnerability of 2 means the creature will take double the affliction strength per syringe. A vulnerability of 0.5 means that a creature will take half as much affliction strength per syringe. Generally, larger creatures have a lower poison vulnerability, which means they will require more doses to poison.

Note that while Paralysis is not defined as a poison-type affliction, the poison vulnerability of creatures will affect the effectiveness of Paralyzant in the same way it affects other poisons.

Poison types

Cyanide, sufforin, morbusine and paralysis have similar mechanics. For these poisons to take effect, the affliction strength must reach at least 10. This means that for some creatures, multiple doses are required to successfully cause poison to build up. If the affliction strength of one of these poisons is below 10, they will decay back down to zero at a rate of 0.25/s. If the poison reaches 10 or above, it will advance on its own at a constant (sufforin morbusine and paralysis) or varying (cyanide) rate. Poison afflictions cause high damage once they reach high strength, ranging from 10 to 60 damage per second. Poisons (especially cyanide) can be effective against larger creatures, however once cyanide, sufforin or morbusine poisoning builds up, if the creature is at greater than 50% health, it can recover from the poison entirely. Creatures cannot recover from paralysis, with the exception of those with 1000 or more maximum health (this includes all abyssal creatures and the Hammerhead Matriarch.)

Unlike the above poisons, Deliriumine poisoning has no minimum strength for the affliction to take effect, and characters cannot ever naturally recover from it. This means that a single dose will cause the afflicted character to be permanently psychotic until treated with Deliriumine Antidote, Stabilozine, or at an outpost's medical clinic. This can be advantageous to Assistants with the Psycho Clown talent, but is otherwise only useful in trolling player crewmates.

Radiation poisoning functions differently from all other poisons in that it decays naturally instead of increasing.


Talents that "increase poison damage" increase the amount of affliction strength that a syringe applies to a target (thus lowering the required dosage and speeding up the poison's progress), and also increases the organ damage applied, so the poison decreases the target's vitality faster.

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

What a Stench!
ID: whatastench
Medical Doctor
Spec. 3
Poisons and Acid deal 40% more damage. Unlock recipe: Acid Grenade, 40mm Acid Grenade.

ID: macrodosing
Medical Doctor
Spec. 4
Buffs you apply last 25% longer. Poisons and Acid deals 25% more damage. Unlock recipe: Endocrine Booster.

This medical contraption, when used, bestows the user with permanent performance enhancement.

Tainted Genes
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