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Last updated for version v0.11.0.10
The current game version is v0.17.15.0

Junction Box
Junction Box.png

Category Electrical Installation
Repair Requirements
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Engineering 55
Items Needed Screwdriver

The Junction Box is an installation which serves as a hub for power distribution and relaying signals between devices. For this reason, it is usually a crucial part of the submarine's wiring.


The Junction Box can take five different wires each connected to the one power output and the four signal outputs. If junction boxes are provided with 4.000 power units more than used by the connected devices or submerged in water, they overload and become unusable until repaired. This is a potentially dangerous situation, as important installations and items can thus become unpowered during an emergency situation. For this reason, it is usually unwise to connect more than one reactor to a chain of junction boxes without taking precautions. As well, it is best to keep the junction boxes away from water as much as possible. A way to avoid overload its by connecting one or more junction boxes to a battery.

Alternatively the power to certain junction boxes can be disabled entirely, as they won't take damage while underwater in an inactive state.


In order to edit the connections on a junction box, a screwdriver must be equipped in one of the two hand slots, and then the Junction Box left-clicked when highlighted. To add a wire to a connection, a wire must be equipped in the other hand, either before or after the Junction Box has been left-clicked.

Damage Values

Unsuccessfully attempting to repair a Junction Box damages the user.

Attack Damage
Kinetic Force
Unsuccessful Repair
Affliction Burn.png Burn : 5

Affliction Stun.png Stun : 5


Junction Boxes take damage while in water, and if they are overvolted beyond their overvolt protection limit:

Cause Damage rate
Submerged in water 0.25/second
Overvolted beyond limit 10.0/second

I/O Interface

Connection panel for Junction Box
Hover over pins to see their descriptions.
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Any devices that are wired to this output will draw their power from the reactor or batteries through the junction box.
Devices wired between this will send signal from one to each other.
Devices wired between this will send signal from one to each other.
Devices wired between this will send signal from one to each other.
Devices wired between this will send signal from one to each other.