Internal Damage

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Affliction Internal Damage.png
There are signs of burst blood vessels and of organ damage.

The Internal Damage afflictions represent raw damage, and directly reduce the Vitality of the Character. Most attacks in-game deal damage by using Internal Damage or its variants, all of which can affect any limb.
These afflictions neither grow nor decay over time, meaning that the damage inflicted will act as a fixed vitality reduction until treated.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill CausesSkill
Affliction Internal Damage.png
Internal Damage
Affliction Blunt Force Trauma.pngAffliction Lacerations.pngAffliction Bite Wounds.pngAffliction Gunshot Wound.pngAffliction Organ Damage.pngAffliction Deep Tissue Injury.png
Yes except Organ Damage Yes Stays 0 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -1 vitality per strength Deusizine.png Deusizine (-90 | -30)* 72
Fentanyl.png Fentanyl (-75 | -50)* 72
Morphine.png Morphine (50 | 25)* 30
Opium.png Opium (-20 | -10)* 15
Hyperzine icon.png Hyperzine (-12 | -6)* 50(note)
Tonic Liquid.png Tonic Liquid (-12 | 0)* 5
Pomegrenade Extract icon.png Pomegrenade Extract (-6 | -3)* 20
Antibiotic Glue.png Antibiotic Glue (0 | +12.5)* 55
Broad-spectrum Antibiotics icon.png Broad-spectrum Antibiotics (+33 | +60)* 25
Liquid Oxygenite icon.png Liquid Oxygenite (+30 | +90)* 72
Methamphetamine icon.png Methamphetamine (+15 | +30)* 35

Variants and their origin

Internal Damage is split into 7 types:

Affliction Internal Damage.png Internal Damage - Inflicted by Engine Propellers or CPR performed by a Character whose Medical skill is below 20.

There are signs of burst blood vessels and of organ damage.

Affliction Blunt Force Trauma.png Blunt Force Trauma - Inflicted by heavy environmental impact and blunt weapons, such as the Crowbars, Wrenchs and Fall Damage.

The area is an ugly shade of purple, and apparently very painful to touch. You suspect a bone might be broken.

Affliction Lacerations.png Lacerations - Inflicted with sharp weapons, such as the Coilguns, Harpoons, Frag Grenades and Diving Knife. Also inflicted by some Creatures.

The skin is pierced and there are deep, bleeding wounds.

Affliction Bite Wounds.png Bite Wounds - Inflicted by many Creatures.

There is extensive damage to soft tissue in the area and there are asymmetrical, bleeding wounds.

Affliction Gunshot Wound.png Gunshot Wound - Inflicted by getting shot at with firearms, such as the Revolver, Riot Shotgun and SMG.

The entry site is a small, dark, bruised hole oozing a little blood. The exit wound however is a large ragged mess of exposed tissue and pouring blood.

Affliction Organ Damage.png Organ Damage - Inflicted by some medical items, such as Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.

The patient is suffering from sharp pain in their internal organs. There is no visible damage to the epidermis.

Affliction Deep Tissue Injury.png Deep Tissue Injury - Inflicted by explosions, such as an EMP Grenade or Reactor Meltdown.

The area is colored purple. The tissue underneath feels different than the surrounding skin.

Side Effects