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= Pet Name Tag =
{{Items infobox
| name = Pet Name Tag
| type = gear
| image = ID Card.png
| imagewidth = 45
| caption = ''Allows the naming of pets.''
| image2 = ID Card icon.png
| imagewidth2 = 65
| caption2 = Inventory icon
| noreq = Yes
| noraw = yes
The '''Pet Name Tag''' is a special type of Card that is only used for giving Pets a name.
When equipped, a GUI for text input appears, allowing the user to enter a series of characters that make up a name. Once finished, the Tag can be put inside the Pet's inventory slot to name it.
{{Items nav}}
{{Items nav}}

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The ID Card is an essential item that can be used in Barotrauma.

There are three different types of ID Cards:

Normal ID Card

ID Card
ID Card icon.png
This belongs to [Player's name], the [job]. Allows limited access to areas of the sub. (Default)
Allows limited access to areas of the sub.

ID Card icon.png

Inventory icon

Type Gear
Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No

The Normal ID Card is the standard Card possessed by any active crew members of the Submarine. There are two variants: Personal and Default.

Personal ID Card

Whenever a character spawns, they are given a Personal ID Card by default, which has detailed information on themselves and their role. Depending on the job the character has, they will be given one with a unique clearance level specific to that job. The Card is primarily used for opening doors on the submarine which are inaccessible without proper clearance.

The captain has superior access to the rest of the jobs, and is capable of accessing any rooms, excluding the private cabins of the other crew members. It is however possible to steal the captain's ID card from them when they are dead or unconscious.

Default ID Card

The Default ID Card that does not specify the owner and its clearance level is only found inside any Cabinets of a shipwreck. Its clearance level is random and more limited than the one with specific details, only capable of gaining access to certain types of hulls.

Shipwreck ID Card

Shipwreck ID Card
ID Card icon.png
This ID card allows access to most of the wreck, provided the door isn't rusted shut.

ID Card icon.png

Inventory icon

Type Gear
Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No

The Shipwreck ID Card is only useful when exploring a shipwreck from which it is found. It works exactly like how a normal Personal ID Card would, giving the user appropriate access to most parts of the wreck depending on the original owner's profession.

It can only be obtained from a deceased member of the shipwreck.

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