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Detectors icon.png
Type Electrical Component
Item Cost 10 Marks
Ammunition N/A

Detectors are a type of Electrical Component that detect water/oxygen/motion/smoke and send out signals accordingly.

Water Detector.png Water Detector

Sends out a signal when it detects water.

Most commonly used with Pumps to auto-pump water out of certain rooms (custom submarines) and to trigger siren about rising flood in the submarine.

Oxygen Detector.png Oxygen Detector

Sends out a value between 0-100 depending on the quality of the surrounding air.

The signal_out output can be connected to the Status Monitor's oxygen_data_in input to display the air quality for a room.

Motion Detector.png Motion Detector

Sends out a signal when it detects something within it's range.

Smoke Detector.png Smoke Detector

Sends out a signal when it detects smoke within the room it is in.


  • Before being introduced to vanilla, Motion Detectors were already present in the mod Barotrauma Extended (BTE). Originally in BTE the sensor function was added using xml code from already existing vanilla "alien motion sensors".