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As good as new

Repair a broken device.

Getting clean

Recover from an opiate addiction.

Don't you die on me!

Heal someone back from a critical state.

Smooth sailing

Complete a round without any casualties or damage to the submarine.

Stop the hammertime

Kill a Hammerhead.


Complete a cargo mission.

The Cold Caverns

Discover the Cold Caverns.

This is fine.

Face a complete and utter disaster.

Here I recognize no surperiors

Complete a round as a Captain.

Whatever works

Kill something with a plasma cutter, welding tool, or a wrench.

Novice seafarer

Travel over 10 kilometers.

Ever increasing in speed and power

Complete a round as an Electrical Engineer.

Truth in simplicity

Complete a round as a Mechanic.


Complete an artifact mission.

I am the law

Complete a round as a Security Officer.

According to ability and judgement

Complete a round as a Medical Doctor.

Extravehicular activity

Venture 500 meters away from the sub.

Praise the Honkmother

Obtain a full clown costume.

The Europan Ridge

Discover the Europan Ridge.

Killed a Moloch

Take down a Moloch.

Not on my watch

Take down a traitor before they manage to complete their objective.

I am the cure

Cure a husk infection.

Do what you love

Complete a round as an Assistant.


Successfully complete a traitor objective.

Underwater coffin

Complete a wreck salvage mission.

No fun allowed

Kill a clown.

Last man standing

Complete a round along after everyone else in the crew has perished.

Nuclear blast survivor

Complete a round after a nuclear meltdown.

Gotta go fast

Accelerate a submarine to over 100 km/h.

Viva la Revolution

Defeat the Coalition crew in a submarine-vs-submarine mission.

I am become death

Kill something with nuclear explosives.

The Aphotic Plateau

Discover the Aphotic Plateau.

A gaze into the abyss

Take the submarine down to crush depth and survive.

For the Coalition

Defeat the Renegades in a submarine-vs-submarine mission.

Experienced seafarer

Travel over 100 kilometers.


Kill 100 creatures.

Naval architect

Spend 24 hours in the submarine editor in total.

The lone sailor

Complete a round alone from start to finish.


Kill something with morbusine.

Enter the Void

Discover the Great Void.

The Hydrothermal Wastes

Discover the Hydrothermal Wastes.

Where no man has gone before

Descend below 5000 meters.

Genocide (hidden)

Kill 100 humans.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Kill an Endworm.

The end is the beginning

Finish the campaign.